WordPress Website Maintenance

Depending on size and functionality, most WordPress websites need around 10-20 software updates per month, to patch against the latest security threats and keep software up-to-date.

Eliminate the risk of a neglected website.

Without diligent maintenance, websites quickly degrade in performance, become increasingly dysfunctional, and worst of all, become easy targets for hackers.

Proper maintenance is a critical component to owning any website, and WordPress is no exception. Aside from protecting the website from performance, functionality and security issues, it is also essential to have regular backups, security scans and uptime monitoring in place.

Realiable, secure, stable.

Our WordPress Website Maintenance includes everything you see below.

If website support is also required, this can be arranged via our WordPress Website Support service.

We conduct all ongoing WordPress core, theme & plugin updates (not including any custom-built plugins or functionality). Updates are installed shortly after release, ensuring your website is always up-to-date.

We scan your website daily using multiple security services to ensure comprehensive cover. Our web hosting servers are also constantly monitored for potential threats.

We use industry-leading monitoring services that check the status of your website every 5 minutes, ensuring we are alerted quickly if something goes wrong.

Your website’s database is regularly optimised (generally 2-3 times per month) to keep overhead light and performance optimal.

We ensure your website stays up to date with the latest PHP version as soon as it is safe and stable to do so. This ensures optimum security and performance for your website.

Image optimisation ensures all images are automatically resized and optimised for the fastest-possible load times. Silvercode installs image optimisation software on all maintained websites.

Website caching offers one of the most significant performance improvements a website can have. Silvercode installs LSCache on all maintained websites. (Requires LiteSpeed Web Server-enabled website hosting.)

Your website’s post and page revisions are managed for you. Up to 5 revisions of each post/page are kept. Older revisions are removed to optimise performance.

You need to be able to rely on your website successfully sending important contact form emails without going to spam. Our websites are configured to send all email via a premium and reliable SMTP provider.

We install an email logging tool to capture a backup of all of your contact form submissions, in the event that your email hosting experiences an outage or data loss.

We add a further layer of protection and stability to your online services by setting up dual copies of your DNS records, one internally and one with an external DNS host, ensuring premium reliability and fast recovery in the event of an outage.

Our website maintenance provides your website with access to a myriad of Google services including Google Maps, Google Reviews, and Google ReCaptcha spam protection via our professionally pre-configured applications.

We conduct regular surface checks to see if your website is looking and behaving the way it is meant to across a variety of browsers.

Occasionally, pages you link to may be moved or deleted. We monitor and correct broken links to ensure your website isn’t penalised by search engines.

Our websites are protected by two firewalls; one at the server level and one at the website level. These firewalls protect against a wide range of security threats.

We frequently improve our services and suppliers as technology evolves, regularly adjusting our websites to use the most up-to-date and best practices on an ongoing basis.

We provide daily, externally-stored backups of your website installation. These backups are kept for 90 days. Our backups are compiled off-site, ensuring optimal website performance even while backups are occurring.

Your website’s comments and/or product reviews are constantly monitored and all spam is removed.

We create and submit a best-practice XML sitemap for your website to both Google and Bing search engines, and monitor for any future issues.

We monitor your website’s bandwidth & disk-space resources, ensuring they are not exceeded and adjusted when necessary.

Our exclusive maintenance tools conduct a daily check to ensure your website’s contact forms are sending submissions properly. This is vital to ensure you never miss any of your customer leads.

Our website maintenance includes the set up and ongoing management of Google Analytics for your website, including applying advanced filters to ensure only legitimate human traffic is recorded. Upon request, we can also monitor your website for unusually low traffic, to catch any tracking issues promptly.

On the first day of every month, you will receive a maintenance report which includes all of the updates, database optimisations, security scans and backups that were conducted on your site over the previous month. Our report also includes a record of any downtime and a general overview of your traffic statistics, among various other useful information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our WordPress website maintenance is charged as a monthly plan.

The pricing varies depending on the size, functionality and complexity of the individual website. Please request a quote to receive a full outline of our pricing tailored to your website’s needs.

The short answer is that no reputable developer can guarantee any particular load time for any website before it is completed. Load speeds are determined by a variety of complex factors. What you can do however is have your website optimised (or potentially rebuilt if necessary) by experienced developers, using the absolute best possible practices to ensure it achieves the fastest load speeds that it possibly can. Learn more about what’s involved in optimising your website’s page load times here.

Maintenance tasks will be suspended if an invoice is overdue for 7 days or more. Any software and software license usage will also be suspended until the outstanding invoice is paid in full. Failure to renew after 14 days or more may result in the removal of all provided maintenance software and any software licence usage provided as part of the maintenance plan.

If you are transferring your maintenance services to another provider, we will make every effort to provide you with sufficient access, as well as any information needed to smoothly do so. This includes advising you about what services you may need to replace after our maintenance services are terminated and handing over any relevant third-party properties such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console properties. We will also remove our own access to your website.

Our WordPress Website Maintenance does not include performing any tasks outside of the specified inclusions.

It does not include website content or appearance changes, which are instead covered by our WordPress Website Support service.

It also may not include resolving any niche issues that arise as a result of processing WordPress core, plugin or theme updates. If issues arise after an update due to an issue with WordPress core, theme or plugin code, we will work with the relevant developers of the faulty software to have this rectified for you. However, if the issues cannot be resolved and alternative software must be sourced and configured, or if issues arise due to quality issues of a website we did not originally build, a solution will need to be quoted and rectified via our WordPress Website Support service.

Our WordPress Website Maintenance service also does not include hack removal/clean up. Should your website become hacked, infected or otherwise compromised, this can be rectified via the purchase of our WordPress Website Support service.

If the website was originally built by Silvercode, you have the option of purchasing our WordPress Website Support and/or WordPress Website Maintenance services at any time so long as there has not been any functionality changes to the website since we handed it over to you. If there have been changes however, we will first need to assess the website to ensure the build is still in good condition.

If you have an existing website that was not built by Silvercode, we will first need to assess the condition and structure of the website to see if we are able to provide our support or maintenance services. As we cannot guarantee the performance or reliability of a website we haven’t built ourselves, we always prefer that existing websites are rebuilt using modern, up-to-date software prior to commencing on either of our monthly plans. If you wish to keep your existing website however, we can often still assist. In these cases, clients must accept that we may be limited in performing some support or maintenance tasks, if the existing website has not been set up to allow for them. An externally-built website must be handed over in good working order with no functionality issues prior to going on our WordPress Website Support monthly plan option, or our WordPress Website Maintenance monthly plan. If the website has issues that require rectification, these must first be rectified via our WordPress Website Support ad-hoc option (which is charged on an hourly basis), to rectify the issues before the website can commence on a monthly plan.

Website support and maintenance gives you complete peace of mind in knowing that your website is being constantly cared for, protected and maintained. Should you ever want to make any changes, you can simply ask for them without worrying about receiving an expensive invoice. Over time with ad-hoc maintenance and support costs, having both support and maintenance monthly plans usually works out substantially cheaper.

Why trust Silvercode for your WordPress Website Maintenance?

Ultra-fast response times.

We monitor inbound requests very closely and aim to respond within 24 hours. Urgent matters always receive a priority response at our very next availability, even if it is outside of our regular support hours.

Trusted & friendly local team.

We are a team of passionate developers based entirely in Australia. We follow strict security and privacy practices to protect your valuable online assets at all times, and always treat your website as if it were our own.

Top-Tier Developers

Decades of combined development and hosting experience allows us to efficiently provide secure, long-lasting and lightning-quick websites. No shortcuts or bandaids here, only premium quality, effective results.

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