WordPress Website Design/Development

Our websites are built with precision and ultra-fine attention to detail. You will receive a brand new, professional-grade website designed to suit your business. Please scroll down to read more about the features of the websites we build.

Get Online Quickly

Simple, no-fuss set-up process.

We know business owners can be busy.

Don’t have time to write content for your site? No pictures? No logo? No problem.

We can arrange everything you’ll need and specialise in getting you online quickly with as much or as little input as you like.

Keep It Fresh

Effortlessly add photos of your recent work to your website.

One of the biggest problems a website can face is neglect. Potential clients want to see that your business is healthy and active with a website that clearly shows recent activity.

We can ensure your website always looks fresh and updated by creating a feed from your company’s social media accounts. Then, whenever you post a picture or status, it will automatically be displayed on your website too with no extra time or effort needed.

Summary of Inclusions

Your website will be:

  • Completely responsive across desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Fully editable with a user friendly interface – no coding knowledge will be required to make changes to text, images, fonts, colours, layout and so on.
  • Built on WordPress – the most popular website software in the world. This means that other web and marketing professionals will be familiar with your website and be able to jump straight in to conduct any works if need be.
  • Built with a high-quality theme and plugins that are well supported and documented.
  • Designed to suit the tone and purpose of your business, with care taken to provide the best possible user experience including a clean, clear layout and easy-to-use navigation.
  • Feature prominent call-to-action buttons and a smooth user flow.
  • Integrate with social media where desired. This may include share/like buttons, comments, displaying a feed of your recent social media posts and so on.

Our 140-Point Website Checklist

We strongly believe it is our 140-point website checklist that truly sets our websites apart.

During every build, we put all of our websites through a 140-point checklist that includes an extensive administrative and functionality polishing process (which is completely separate and in addition to the design process). This list includes such things as installing and configuring website security software, tidying up DNS records, setting up email logging and authentication, user activity logging, image optimisation, anti-spam software and so much more. The result is an exceptionally smooth, secure and well-optimised website.

Our polishing process is the result of years of expertise, ensuring you are given a website where everything has already been preemptively thought about for you, minimising the likelihood that you’ll experience any unexpected issues.

Inclusions & Important Information

Using Google Analytics, we will set up any-time access to your live website visitor statistics. You will be able to view a comprehensive break-down covering your real-time and past visitors, including demographic statistics, time spent on your site, which pages are being visited, and so much more.

All of the websites that we build are fitted with basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Using the Google Search Console, we will set up your website for indexing on the Google search engine, including the submission of your sitemap.

We also install the industry-leading Yoast SEO plugin on all websites, to assist you with optimising your text content as well as ensuring your pages appear correctly in organic Google search results. While no particular organic page rank can ever be guaranteed (by anyone!), your website’s organic rankings for various keywords may improve naturally over time. Behind the scenes, Yoast will also provide a variety of best-practice SEO improvements across your website.

Our websites are all set up with industry-leading security software, to protect them from a range of online threats including spammers, SQL injection, DDOS and more.

At no extra charge, we are able to provide Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use templates for you to optionally use on your website, written by reputable Australian lawyers and valued at over $899 AUD. Use of these templates is left to every website owner’s own discretion, who are individually responsible for reading through and checking the legal templates and ensuring they are suitable for their business.

We provide an unlimited number of revisions up until the website is launched to the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

The loading speed of your website is dependant on many different factors including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Hosting service: A website is generally only as fast as its slowest component. You can have the leanest and fastest website possible, but if the server that your website is hosted on isn’t up to scratch, then no amount of best practices or website optimisations will help you achieve the optimal load times you’re looking for. For this reason, we strongly encourage customers to host their Silvercode-built websites on a Silvercode hosting plan. The same logic applies to fast hosting and a poorly optimised website. You can have the fastest hosting, but if your website is very poorly optimised then the hosting service may only help your loading speed in a small way.
  • Number of widgets and functionality: The higher the number of elements per page a website has, the slower its load times will be. As a basic example, a website with only text and images will load faster than a website with text, images, videos, contact forms, and sliders. The same goes for any other specific functionality – the more your website can do, the more code and scripts need to be loaded on each page load, and thus the load time will be higher.
  • Images and videos: It goes without saying that the more images or videos per page, the longer it will take for a user to load. This is particularly relevant for larger images or videos.
  • Third party scripts & analytics: Many analytics tracking services (such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel) insert a custom script into every page of your website in order to track user actions. While such tracking scripts are common and usually required for business websites, it’s important to note that they do have an impact on the load times of your website.

Although the above list is not inclusive of every aspect that may impact a website’s loading speed, these are some of the primary considerations.

Silvercode uses a stringent set of best practices when building your website to achieve an optimal loading speed. Though we cannot guarantee any specific load time, our websites usually achieve under 2 seconds of load time, or even 1 second for more basic sites. Your functionality requirements, chosen hosting service, and a number of other factors will determine the final result. We can provide advice on determining the best balance in terms of functionality vs loading speed, and will work with you on the best course of action for your needs.

If your website was not built by Silvercode, you may request a website speed review and optimisation through our WordPress Website Ad-Hoc Support service.

Yes – if you want to. We offer and support the WooCommerce platform for any eCommerce requests. This platform integrates with WordPress seamlessly and will add a powerful range of shop functions to your dashboard such as inventory management, shipping, tax and order processing.

Both you and your customers will be able to receive email order notifications/receipts from your website.

You will be provided with your own account that you can use to login to your website. Clients who opt for our WordPress Website Maintenance Plan or WordPress Website Support Plan will, by default, be given a login with either ‘Editor’ or ‘Shop Manager’ access permissions (depending whether or not your website has a shop). These access levels will allow you to access and edit all of your media, post and page content (including products and orders for eCommerce websites), should you wish to do so.

At your request, we can increase your account to ‘Administrator’ access. This is suitable for website owners who are confident with website management and wish to do more than just publish/edit posts and pages, or manage their store.

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable logging in to your website at all, and prefer us to make all edits and changes, that’s completely fine too. No access will be provided to the WordPress dashboard, as this will be entirely managed for you.

Yes, very in fact! We use the industry-leading WordPress platform which is incredibly user-friendly. You will have your own dashboard that you may log into to edit your posts and pages if you wish to do so.

You don’t need any prior experience or any coding knowledge to make most content changes. The editor interface looks and feels reasonably similar to a lot of document publishing software – Microsoft Word for example.

This depends on the size and complexity of each individual website, though on average we suggest a 4 week turnaround once the website build has commenced. The true timeline however may range from a couple of weeks to a couple of months or more for very large or complex builds.

Within your proposal, we will provide you with our next available date to begin your website build, as well as a timeline outlining each stage of the project right up until completion.

There’s a few things we will need from you to be able to complete your new website.

Domain Registration Access

We may need access to your domain registration, such as if we need to point it to our web hosting servers. If you do not already have a domain registration, or if you would like to transfer it to Silvercode to keep everything in the same place, please check out our Domain Registration service.


If you already have a logo, we will require a copy of it in either vector .eps, .ai or .pdf file format. If you are uncertain what format you have, please feel free to send through what you have and we will let you know if there are any issues. If you require your existing logo to be converted to vector, refreshed/re-designed, or if you need a brand new logo to be created for you, please check out our Graphic Design service.


You have three main options when it comes to images for your website:

  • You can supply us with the images you wish to use on your website (you must own or have an appropriate licence to use your chosen images).
  • You can purchase regular or premium Stock Images to use on your website.
  • We can source a limited variety of royalty-free images for you to use at no extra cost.

You have two main options when it comes to the text for your website:

  • You supply us with the text you wish to use on your website.
  • You can purchase our Copywriting/Content Creation service, to have us write your text content for you.
Social Media Access

We may require access to some of your social media accounts to integrate them with your website. We only require this access temporarily, and once integrated, you are free to change your password as you wish.

What our clients have to say.

Silvercode caters to a range of clients across many regions and industries around Australia (and beyond!). There is no client too small or too large.

We operate on a model of sustainable services, ensuring ongoing affordability for our clients, no matter how large or small. Our intention is to be the solid foundation for our client’s online presences, providing continuous and reliable support no matter what needs to be done.

Absolutely brilliant! Silvercode have not only created my ideal website but continue to work closely with any requests or queries I may have. Their response time is first class and the ongoing support has been amazing. They have made this process so simple and I could not recommend them more highly.
Daniela Frisina
Daniela Frisina
01:02 22 Feb 21
When I was looking at getting a new website built, I really needed someone in Australia. Someone who would listen to what I needed but, also advise me on the best practices to ensure my customers had an easy shopping experience.I found that with Silvercode. They listened and advised and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. Not only that, but they didn’t disappear after it was done. I know Wordpress and Woocommerce need to be updated for security and other releases and so their maintenance plan was ideal for people who are busy and don’t have the experience to do that. They just took care of it for me and send me a report each month.I would highly recommend them.Tony FThe Sam Loyd Companysamloyd.com
Sam Loyd
Sam Loyd
22:38 28 Jan 21
Where do I start? Silver ode took all the pain out of getting my website sorted. I had nightmare after nightmare with weebsquare and spacely and all those other ones without any support where you do all the work. Thanks to the team, love my new site and sales are trending up!
Tim Beech
Tim Beech
05:36 28 Jan 21
I've been working with Silvercode for several months now, having engaged them to provide support and maintenance for the website of the company I work for. Responses are always very prompt, and so far they've solved every single problem and fixed every mistake I've made almost instantly! Jack is very professional and polite, and very patient! Highly recommend Silvercode to anyone needing maintenance or a full rebuild of their website.
Caitlin Williams
Caitlin Williams
04:15 28 Jan 21
What a great team to work with! Very happy with the consistent service received and how responsive they are.
Bethany Henry
Bethany Henry
07:45 25 Aug 20
The Silvercode Team have been amazing for our Business. Very professional, reliable, quick to action and very pleasant to deal with. They redesigned our website and provide amazing support to ensure that when something goes wring you have someone to rely on!
Bethany Henry
Bethany Henry
07:35 25 Aug 20
Thank you Silvercode for your superb and effective website design, your tech support and great service and communication.
We highly recommend Silvercode!
Peter Marinovic
Peter Marinovic
07:47 06 Sep 19
Let me start by saying that if there was 100 stars instead of 5 I would have elected all of them and more! For a Millennial, I truly had no concept of technology and the power of the online world. This was until I found Silvercode, the true leaders in web design. From the very beginning they were a clear stand out amongst the crowd of web designers, but I knew instantly that I wouldn't get this level of service anywhere else. They were so understanding of my online skills, or lack there of, and where with me every step of the way. Creating my website from scratch they made the most beautiful, modern and accessible piece of online art. The greatest part of this experience is they manage my site for me!
Melissa Davidson
Melissa Davidson
20:59 12 Oct 18
I tried to give a 6 star rating but it maxed out at 5.Before engaging Silvercode's services, my website was in complete disarray and my previous website guy was giving me the runaround. Silvercode built me a professional website that actually works, while being a joy to deal with.I don't dare contemplate what I would have done if I hadn't heard about Silvercode!
Tom Nauta
Tom Nauta
06:44 12 Mar 18
Simply amazing! Silvercode created my website to look exactly how I wanted. They manage my site ongoing and I receive updates monthly. It is great to have the peace of mind knowing that someone is looking after all of the technical stuff. Always super helpful and accommodating. Highly recommend!!
Georgie Andrews
Georgie Andrews
11:19 10 Oct 17
Looking for a modern website design that is constantly updated at no additional cost? I love the fact that the design and maintenance is part and parcel of using Silvercode. This is a massive point of difference to any other website design company and a no brainer in my opinion. The fact that they can design an awesome website and have the technical expertise to maintain it as such a high level constantly ensures I never worry about it. Any changes I want are done within a 24hr time frame and nothing is ever an issue. You've got nothing to loose by giving them a go and I have no doubt you will not be disappointed!
Feng Shui Living
Feng Shui Living
11:14 10 Oct 17
Just amazing. So incredibly professional and a total joy to work with! Just over a week since I first made contact, to having my new, perfect website live. Silvercode's a keeper!
Ames Starr
Ames Starr
20:52 18 Jan 17
We have hired Silvercode to look after four of our websites and all I can say is that their work ethic is amazing. I just love working with people that get the job done and know what they are doing. Couldn't recommend them highly enough.
WigginsKeenan Real Estate
WigginsKeenan Real Estate
09:37 28 Dec 16
After Silvercode managed my husband's business for a few years, they were my first call when I decided to start my own. The service has always been excellent, and continues to grow all the time. A few times a year, an email will come through to mention some upgrades have been done, such as a new technology being installed on our sites that has made them a bit faster etc. It's the little things and knowing someone is always not only looking after it, but actively finding ways to improve it too without charging us anything extra, is what sets Silvercode apart.
Justine @ Red Jar Creative
Justine @ Red Jar Creative
08:26 28 Dec 16
I'd highly recommend Silvercode. they did an amazing job with my website, took a lot of care and attention, but on top of that, was highly informative, explained all the options avaliable eloquently, and was excellent at being responsive in terms of service and brainstorming. They are brilliant, and I couldn't recommend them any more!
Andre Harrison
Andre Harrison
01:46 27 Dec 16
Since I've had Silvercode looking after my website it's given me the time to concentrate on my Travel Blog. I don't have to worry about the back end of my website and any work i email through gets completed with 24hrs. Most of the time it's completed in just a few hours. Very impressed with their web design skills too.
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown
01:15 21 Dec 16
Silvercode have built my new website and manage my website and email hosting. They have always provided exceptional service and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants to ensure that their website and email security, storage and usability is in excellent hands. It is so comforting knowing that I have these crucial aspects of my business being looked after which allows me to concentrate on my area of expertise - Feng Shui.
Carolyn McCallum
Carolyn McCallum
20:38 20 Dec 16
Silvercode look after all of our email and website and have done for many years now. They are extremely affordable and save us from having to pay expensive IT consultant fees. It's important for us to have support on hand anytime and know it's not going to cost any extra to get some help when we need it. Also handy to be able to just send a simple email to get updates done to our website and know it'll be done within a couple hours. Would recommend them to any business who needs a website and wants it to be well looked after.
Ian Redmond
Ian Redmond
09:58 14 Dec 16
Finding a reliable web designer is no easy task. Design, development and getting the website "just right" is extremely important to me. Throughout the whole process I was incredibly happy with the communication, advice and support. The result is that my website is exactly the way I want it. Silvercodes ongoing support is second to none. I have had some terrible experiences with web designers in the past, but Silvercode has restored my faith in communication, customer service and skills. They are responsive and reliable. I trust Silvercode and that is something I could have said about previous experiences. Thank you so much to Stephanie and the team. Jeanette Mundy
Jeanette Mundy
Jeanette Mundy
05:28 13 Dec 16
It's like a new lease on life. Less stress and more time to concentrate on blogging. Service is personal yet ultra professional. So happy i found them !
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown
13:59 27 Sep 16
Aarav Amin
Aarav Amin
01:45 27 Sep 15
Silvercode has played an instrumental part in the launch of our new brand "myscaffold"offering a fresh, functional and eye catching electronic shop front. Always going above and beyond to deliver a quality and cost effective service. I try not to tell to many people, as I want my business to have that edge over others
Matt Young
Matt Young
03:10 25 Jul 14
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