Incident Response Plan

We have a comprehensive approach that allows us to act quickly and effectively to minimise damage and ensure the swift restoration of services, while maintaining transparency with our users.

Our staff undergo regular training to stay familiar with these steps and their responsibilities.

Incident Identification:

Unusual activity is monitored by automated systems that alert our team. This may also include user-reported issues or abnormalities spotted during our routine checks.

Incident Classification

Our team classifies the incident based on severity, from low to critical. The classification is based on factors such as the extent of the data involved, the systems affected, and the potential business impact.

Notification and Escalation

Based on the severity, the incident is escalated internally. The relevant teams are alerted.

Incident Containment

The affected systems are isolated to prevent the incident from spreading. We may temporarily disable certain features of the website, limit user access, or even take the website offline, if necessary.

Investigation and Eradication

Our team investigates the breach source, methods used, and potential data loss. Tools and methods like system logs, backups, and data forensics are used. Once the issue is identified, it is eradicated – if malware is found, it is removed; if there’s an unauthorised access point, the breach point is closed.

Recovery and Restoration

After ensuring the threat is completely removed, the affected systems are restored to their normal state. Generally either a clean backup can be restored or the website is scrubbed of threats. In the case of data loss, the data is recovered from the most recent secure backup. Rigorous testing is performed to ensure everything is working as expected.

Post-Incident Review

After the recovery, a post-mortem analysis is performed to identify the root cause. This may result in updates to our security policies, procedures, and systems to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Communication Plan

Throughout the incident, there’s ongoing communication with stakeholders. Including the severity of the incident, our plan of response, if user data has been potentially impacted, and our ETA to resolution.

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Last update: 7 May 2021

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