How do you make a WordPress website faster?

There is no one-size-fits all solution to making a WordPress website fast. To make your load times as fast as they can be, there are several aspects that must be addressed. Find out how to get the job done in our guide to making your WordPress website fly.

A website is generally only as fast as its slowest component.

We’re often approached by clients looking to make their websites faster. Many believe that there must be one surefire solution to achieving this, but the reality is that making a website truly fly is sometimes a complex undertaking that requires extensive expertise.

There are several considerations to make, and it is important to address all of them if you want to ensure ultra-fast load times. Some of the major factors to address include:

Although the above list is not inclusive of every aspect that may impact a website’s loading speed, these are some of the primary considerations.

Silvercode uses stringent best practices when building your website to achieve an optimal loading speed, though we cannot guarantee any specific load time until we know exactly what will be on each page. Your functionality requirements, chosen hosting service, and a number of other factors will determine the final result. We can provide advice on determining the best balance in terms of functionality vs loading speed, and will work with you on the best course of action for your needs.

If your website was not built by Silvercode, you may request a website speed optimisation through our WordPress Website Performance Optimisation service.

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