Silvercode hosting services are now powered by Kinsta and the Google Cloud Platform

Read more about the October 2023 upgrades to our hosting service, with a huge focus on delivering next-gen speed and reliability.

We used to be fast... now we're faster.

Speed and reliability are two fundamental features of any good hosting service, and while we were proud of the performance of our previous hosting servers, technology is always moving, and the benefits of staying at the forefront can’t be overlooked.

As of October 2023, Silvercode has become a Kinsta Agency partner, allowing us to provide the absolute latest in high performance hosting services, all ultimately powered on the Google Cloud Platform.

The hosting industry is rapidly shifting away from traditional forms of hosting such as shared server hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, in favour of cloud networks such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform). We decided that the time was right for us to follow that trend, allowing us to immediately offer a far superior hosting service for all of our clients.

Before and after performance breakdown

The benchmark results don’t need much of an introduction as they really speak for themselves. Check out the before and after below of an average site on our previous hosting server, versus the new.


Pay special attention to the page load tests at the bottom (highlighted in the red box). This shows the speed of a heavy/large site which was loading in 2.4 seconds on our previous hosting platform, versus the same site on our new platform which loads in 0.65 seconds – with no changes made to the website itself whatsoever.

The Benefits

All of the usual hosting features you’re used to with Silvercode hosting, such as PHPMailer/SMTP, free SSL certificates, unlimited alias domains and a premium grade of expert-level support, all continue to be included. You will furthermore have access to speak to the Kinsta support team if you ever wish to, though we would recommend Silvercode remains your first port of call. This ensures you have two levels of support redundancy.

If you are a current hosting client, and would like to have access to the new Kinsta hosting interface, please reach out to our team for an invite via

Greatly discounted hosting pricing - passed directly on to our clients

Despite the significant cost of investing in this upgrade, we are still choosing to pass on discounted pricing to our clients, compared to what you would typically pay for the same services if you were purchasing them directly from Kinsta.

The lowest cost of a Kinsta hosting plan available to a direct customer (after currency conversion) is around AUD $55 – and for this price, you receive a much, much less powerful plan.

As a Silvercode client, you’ll be put on one of Kinsta’s most powerful plans available, with the highest resource limits. To get a comparable plan as a direct Kinsta customer, you’d be looking at paying at least AUD $535 per month if you were a direct customer.

Because of our Agency Partner status, we’re able to secure significant discounts on this pricing for our clients, with smaller websites starting from just $45 incl. GST.

Pricing is ultimately based on your individual website’s disk space and bandwidth requirements. If you are not already a hosting client, get in touch for a bespoke quote today.

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