Work for a company that lets you be a human and leaves all the old industrial-age rules behind.

Build a work-life balance that fits around you.

Silvercode is an established company operated by a small team of passionate developers. As a modern, tech-driven business, we leave all of the arbitrary rules behind. There’s no rigid 9-5, tracking every little thing down to the minute, set lunch breaks or stuffy collared shirts around here. We value genuine talent, not the appearance of it.

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What we're looking for in a team member

We’re looking for people who take pride in their work and have a knack for detail. Whether your background is in graphic work, web work or something else entirely, if your skillset can translate into helping us to provide our range of digital services, we’re keen to hear from you.

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  • For example, do you prefer working at night or during the day? Night owl or early riser? There are no wrong answers here. We try to accomodate our team's individual preferences as much as possible to give the healthiest possible level of work-life balance.
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