3 Things All Dental Practice Websites Need

Your dentist website will provide the main point of introduction between your practice and your patients. As such, there are 3 crucial elements that all dental websites should be careful to include.

Social Media Integration

Many dental websites are out of date. Ensuring your own dental website includes modern features is an extremely simple way to stand out from the crowd. Including comprehensive integration with your social media profiles is a great way to keep your website modern and fresh, with little ongoing effort.

Integrating your social media properly however means more than just including an icon that links to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. We would always recommend including a social feed on your website, which shows all of your latest posts from your social media accounts. This way, your website will always look well-maintained and up-to-date with recent posts and pictures from your business. Setting this up via a feed has the added benefit of being automated, meaning as you post something on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, that post will automatically show on your website too.

Appointment Booking

Whether you use dental software that offers an online booking portal, or prefer to just offer a simple booking form on your website, your patients should always be given a way to request or make an appointment with you. Putting down an appointment date often feels much more conclusive to patients than just making a basic enquiry. Patients who are very decided on what they want will also appreciate being able to make an instant booking online, and may even exclusively seek out dental practices that allow online booking options over those that don’t.

Quick Contact Options

While browsing, people tend to make quick decisions about which dental practice they wish to approach. Whether they are attracted to a particular service on offer, the appearance of the website, or the written content/images, you should always give them a quick way to get in touch from every page of your website.

The most common way to solve this is to offer a contact phone number at the top of each page, preferably with a telephone link – so that if it is pressed on a mobile phone, a call can be instantly initiated. Another option is to also provide a clickable email address which will open the user’s email client, with the ‘To:’ address already filled in.

If you want to cover all of your bases, you can provide a contact button which then opens up a contact form that can be filled out and sent on the spot. This will give your potential patients a simple, no-fuss method of getting in touch without having to commit to making a phone call or writing out an email. We would recommend having this button in both the header and footer of each page, to ensure it can be found easily even on small devices such as mobile phones.

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