Is Silvercode the fastest web hosting in Australia?

We put our hosting to the test against 5 of our largest/most popular competitors to find out who offers the fastest web hosting. Check out how we did below.

So many companies claim to be the best, the biggest, the fastest, the greatest... but very rarely do they back it up with proof.

We purchased web hosting accounts with 5 of our largest/most popular competitors, 2 of which are located here in Australia and 3 that are based internationally. If you’ve purchased website hosting before, you’ve very likely purchased from one or more of these companies.

The plans we purchased to test with were typically one of our competitor’s highest, most powerful business-grade plans. To give them a head start, we put them to the test against our least powerful web hosting plan (Premium Website Hosting – Starter).

Our tests were honest, fair and accounted as much as possible for any fluctuations in the testing conditions, no matter whether they positively or negatively affected our standing. We are completely transparent in how we conducted our tests and you’ll find our testing methodology described in detail at the end.

Our Claim

Our hosting is the fastest web hosting on the market for Australian businesses (out of the 5 large/popular competitors that we tested).

The proof? Right here.


We don’t want to publicly name names, so we’ve white-washed our competitors and represented them by their description and a colour code. If you’re familiar with the large hosting companies in Australia and beyond, you will likely know most or all of these companies. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to reach out.

The Results

Page Load Time Benchmark

Pingdom Load Time (Lower Is Better)

WordPress Benchmark

Execution Time In Seconds

Queries Per Second

  • Execution Time In Seconds (Lower Is Better)

  • Queries Per Second (Higher Is Better)

Server Performance Benchmark

Total Time In Seconds (Lower Is Better)


How is Silvercode web hosting the fastest?

As you can see in every graph from our testing, Silvercode offers the fastest web hosting in every benchmark.

So what is it that sets Silvercode’s hosting performance apart?

Silvercode utilises high-end Intel CPUs, however, that’s not particularly unique in this industry. What is different is that our CPUs run at a higher frequency (clock speed) than most of our competitors. High frequency CPUs can’t be beaten for PHP and MySQL processing vs higher core, lower frequency CPUs, which is what the majority of shared web hosts use.

High core, low frequency CPUs perform best on servers that have a high number of accounts (which we don’t allow). All Silvercode servers are optimised for very few accounts and maximum performance, resulting in the fastest web hosting possible.

A provider can have the absolute best hardware around, but it won’t save them from suboptimal software optimisation. The unfortunate truth is that the majority of web hosts either do very minimal PHP and MySQL performance optimisation, or configure their servers in a way that best serves the potentially 2000+ users that they are cramming on to each server, to ensure minimal issues.

Being a boutique web hosting company, we’re able to more precisely optimise our servers for our client’s needs (in our case, mostly WordPress speed optimisations). This is the sort of attention to detail that gets lost with most of the larger/popular web hosts.

In addition to our optimisations for lightning-fast WordPress web hosting, we ensure that all of our server-side software is kept on the cutting edge of updates (PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, web server software, etc) wherever it is safe and stable to do so.

Noisy neighbours are a fact of large web hosting companies. It is one of the most dishonest and confusing aspects of web hosting, that very few customers know about.

A customer may look at two “equivalent” web hosting plans from two different providers and see that they both provide 200% CPU and 2GB Memory. Looking at this, you may assume that both plans are equivalent. But for the vast majority of shared web hosts, this is not the case.

Say an entire server has 24GB Memory and 1600% CPU, but there are 2000 customers hosted on that server. If even only a fraction of those accounts on the server are using their resources, the server will be too busy to allocate you the full resources that you’ve paid for. This means you have to wait for resources to free up before your website can use them.

Your “neighbours” on the same shared hosting server, all fighting over resources and having to queue, is what’s commonly referred to as the “noisy neighbour” effect.

Web hosts do this as it allows them to generate as much profit out of a server as possible by cramming many, many customers on a server together, even when their websites suffer as a result.

Here at Silvercode, we prefer to offer a premium service, and focus on keeping our number of customers per server extremely low in order to provide our customers with the fastest web hosting speeds possible at all times.

A Note On Reseller Hosting

Our tests were performed on “regular” shared hosting servers, and not “reseller” servers. Your average website development agency, however, will usually provide web hosting to their clients through a “reseller” plan. Reseller plans are designed for agencies who need a bulk number of web hosting accounts for cheap pricing.

The problem with reseller servers is that they’re frequently overloaded with a huge number of customers (think 2,000-3,000+) to keep them profitable, resulting in very poor and unreliable service. If you’re on a reseller server, you may actually see far worse performance than usual.

Silvercode offers Elite Website Hosting plans which allow our customers to purchase a single server on which they can resell hosting to many of their own customers. However, we still place a limit of only 100 cPanel accounts per server to ensure these plans stay just as fast as the rest of our servers.

Testing Performance Methodology​

All tests were performed on an identical WordPress website. For all providers, tests were taken at three different times over one week. We then averaged the results to come up with our final figure.

There were two different methods used to test who provided the fastest web hosting in each benchmark.

The first test we did was to see at what raw speed each hosting provider could process a series of computational tasks – the sort of tasks that a WordPress website would typically perform.

This gives us a solid idea of how fast a WordPress site (or any other PHP and MySQL based website) of any size will process database updates and PHP functions. It also provides some insight into what sort of hardware the web hosting provider may be using, and how well optimised the software is.

For those that are interested in the technical details, the tasks themselves are broken down as follows:

Server Performance Benchmark

  • Loops (total time taken to process 10,000 for and while loops in PHP).
  • Conditionals (total time taken to process 10,000 conditional checks in PHP).
  • Math (total time taken to process 10,000 mathematical functions in PHP).
  • String Manipulation (total time taken to process 10,000 string manipulation functions in PHP).
  • MySQL Connect (total time taken to connect to MySQL).
  • MySQL Select Database (total time taken to select the MySQL database).
  • MySQL Query Version (total time taken to query MySQL version information).
  • MySQL Query Benchmark (total time taken to process 1 million MySQL ENCODE queries, using a randomly generated string).

All of the above was timed, and then combined into a total value in seconds. This number made up our server performance benchmark.

WordPress Performance Benchmark

Our WordPress performance benchmark was to process 250 INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE functions through the $wpdb class. We timed the execution time in seconds, then calculated the total $wpdb queries the server was capable of performing per second. This test is useful to give us an idea of the speed at which a WordPress website will handle MySQL data processing, especially a large eCommerce store using a plugin such as WooCommerce. Poor database performance is usually responsible for making WordPress and WooCommerce sites slow.

We set up a basic WordPress template site using the popular page builder plugin, Elementor. This site was then used in all of our page speed tests. No optimisations were performed on the template site, with the exception of installing the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress.

Page speed tools such as Pingdom are typically most useful for identifying on-site optimisations you can make, e.g. minifying CSS files, optimising images, etc. However, the web hosting that you use can also play a huge part in reducing your website’s load time.

The results from page speed tools can vary depending on the time of day however, so the results they give should only be used as a rough guide as to what you can expect.

Ready to test it for yourself?

Test our hosting platform risk-free with your first month free and no obligation to stay.

Use code 1MONTHFREE to receive a free month of hosting on any of our Premium Website Hosting plans. This offer is available to new customers only and is limited to one free account per customer.

Premium Website Hosting

Elite VPS Website Hosting

  • Our Premium Website Hosting gives you access to the superior speed and power of VPS hosting, without the heavy price tag. Our Premium Website Hosting is shared among a maximum of 100 clients, making it a very low population option compared to standard shared or reseller hosting servers, which are usually overloaded with anywhere between 600 – 1500 clients.

    Premium Hosting (Starter)

    Great for most small-medium business websites, including low-traffic eCommerce websites with around 20-30 products or less.
    $ 30 AUD per month, including GST
    • 200% CPU
    • 4GB Memory
    • 5GB Storage (SAS SSD)
    • 6MB/s disk I/O
    • Up to 20 entry processes.
    • 300,000 inode limit.

    Premium Hosting (Business)

    Great for most websites including medium-sized eCommerce websites or other utility websites such as real estate agencies.
    $ 55 AUD per month, including GST
    • 300% CPU
    • 6GB Memory
    • 10GB Storage (SAS SSD)
    • 8MB/s disk I/O
    • Up to 30 entry processes.
    • 400,000 inode limit.

    Premium Hosting (Professional)

    Great for those looking for more power and speed, or those with large/heavy resource requirements.
    $ 80 AUD per month, including GST
    • 400% CPU
    • 8GB Memory
    • 15GB Storage (SAS SSD)
    • 10MB/s disk I/O
    • Up to 40 entry processes.
    • 500,000 inode limit.
    One-click install your favourite website applications:
    One-click install your favourite website applications:

    All Premium Website Hosting plans include:

    Please note that our website hosting does not include any email accounts. For optimal reliability and security, we firmly believe that email services should be hosted independently from your website, with a modern, dedicated email hosting service such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.

    Need help choosing or setting up your email hosting? We can help.

  • Our Elite VPS Website Hosting is best suited to clients with high-traffic, busy, or very large websites, who need a higher level of resources and power. Our Elite Website Hosting plans come with full ongoing management, ensuring your server remains up-to-date, secure and performing optimally.

    After ordering, our team will contact you as soon as possible to confirm that your VPS is being provisioned, as well as confirm any specific requirements you may have. The setup process can take between 2 and 24 hours depending on the time of day you order. You will be notified as soon as it’s configured and ready to go.

    Please note that our Elite Website Hosting servers are not intended to be used as reseller hosting servers for a large number of websites. They are designed to primarily accomodate up to 5 high-performance websites only, plus any amount of subdomains as needed.

    Elite Hosting (Business)

    Great for growing businesses that want more power and speed than shared hosting environments can offer.
    $ 352
    AUD per month, including GST

    Elite Hosting (Professional)

    Great for high-traffic, busy websites or those with large volumes of data or processes.
    $ 442
    AUD per month, including GST

    All Elite Website Hosting plans include:

    Optional server level backups available:

    Backup your entire server for ultimate disaster recovery.

    Available upgrades for Elite Hosting (Business):

    Choose as many server level backups as you want to be taken, at your preferred schedule. $15.79 AUD per month, per backup (includes remote backup storage).

    Available upgrades for Elite Hosting (Professional):

    Choose as many server level backups as you want to be taken, at your preferred schedule. $31.58 AUD per month, per backup (includes remote backup storage).

    Optional LiteSpeed upgrades available:

    Upgrade your LiteSpeed Web Server licence to allow for more processing power:

    Available upgrades for Elite Hosting (Business):

    Available upgrades for Elite Hosting (Professional):

    Please note that our website hosting does not include any email accounts. For optimal reliability and security, we firmly believe that email services should be hosted independently from your website, with a modern, dedicated email hosting service such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.

    Need help choosing or setting up your email hosting? We can help.

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