Ethical Digital Services For Vegan Businesses

From high-powered Australian web hosting to 1-on-1 WordPress development and support, we provide everything you need for a powerful, reliable web presence.

We’re not just another web design agency.

Silvercode provides ethical website design, development and management services for vegan businesses and causes. Based in Sydney, Australia.

Located in Melbourne, Silvercode specialises in providing vegan web design to ethical and sustainable businesses all across Australia and beyond. Your business means more to us than simply collecting a pay-check. We truly want your vegan business to succeed, and will go above and beyond in doing our part to make that happen. More successful vegan products and services means more ways for people to discover a healtheir, more sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle.

Our motivations are simple.

We love that we can use our skills and talents to assist in bringing more and more ethical products and services to mainstream attention, while also giving vegan business owners and causes the freedom to follow their passions.

Most of our team have worked in the web design industry for at least 9 years, and previously found themselves being frequently hired to build websites for businesses who sold products and services that contributed to cruelty in varying degrees. In 2018, we decided it was time to stop accepting work from industries that directly promoted or contributed to cruelty, and instead, focus resources toward specialising in helping sustainable and vegan businesses.

We now get to proudly help the cruelty-free industry grow. We strongly feel that we offer a premium service that goes above and beyond the average agency, and we feel incredibly privileged to offer that to businesses that we love, believe in and are frequently customers of ourselves.

We love helping fellow ethical and vegan businesses thrive.

Why choose Silvercode?

We share your passion to make life better for all of earth’s inhabitants and are always excited about the rise of vegan products and services. Our team lives and breathes the cruelty-free ethos and want to help as many responsible businesses as possible to find success.

We're on the same page.

How does Silvercode ensure it does not contribute to cruelty?

We’ve got to admit that like so many things, digital services are tough to claim as being completely vegan-friendly due to the multitude of service providers and infrastructure involved. We do what we can however in all of the ways that are realistically possible at this time.

All we can do is our very best.

All of your website essentials in one place.
From high-powered Australian web hosting to 1-on-1 WordPress development and support, we provide everything you need for a powerful, reliable web presence.
Domain Registration

Secure your domain names with an authorised Australian registrar. Protect your name and brand from unauthorised use.

Web Hosting

Say goodbye to traditional hosting. Silvercode is a Kinsta Agency partner, allowing us to provide the absolute latest in high performance hosting services.

Our most popular services.
WordPress Design/Development

Perfect for those wishing to build a new WordPress website, re-build an existing website, or convert from another platform.

WordPress Support

Ideal for those who need regular or occasional support with their WordPress website.

WordPress Maintenance

All websites require comprehensive maintenance to stay secure and perform at their best.

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