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Whether you are looking for Google Ads, Facebooks Ads, Remarketing or Google Shopping Ads for your business or organisation, Silvercode can recommend a trusted solution suited to budgets of all sizes.

The importance of choosing your SEM provider very carefully.

Because anyone can watch a few tutorials and call themselves an SEM expert, it can be very difficult to find reliable, trustworthy and high-performing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) providers.

Having worked alongside a number of SEM providers with many clients over the past decade, we have experienced everything from the good and the bad, to the downright ugly in the SEM provider space.

To protect your business from potentially wasting tens of thousands of dollars, or having your website permanently penalised by Google for the use of deceptive SEM tactics, we recommend choosing an Australian-based, reputable and results-proven provider.

Our SEM Provider of Choice

Gorilla 360 are our steadfast provider of choice for all SEM services. As a certified Google Partner with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Brisbane, Gorilla 360 are a proven and reputable leader in the SEM services space.

If you would like us to introduce you, please feel free to request an introduction below. Otherwise, you can directly enquire with Gorilla 360 at anytime via their website. We receive no commissions for any referral.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEM is an entire specialty of its own that requires significant dedication to keep at the forefront of. We therefore strongly recommend having your SEM managed by a dedicated provider who focuses solely on these services.

While an all-in-one provider can sound tempting, it usually leads to most of your services being outsourced, lacklustre results, lack of attention to detail, lack of competent project management, and most often the use of significantly outdated practices.

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