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Whether you are looking for a new logo or a branding package for your business or organisation, Silvercode can recommend a trusted solution suited to budgets of all sizes.

The importance of choosing your logo or branding designer very carefully.

One of the great benefits of the digital world is that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing service providers. But the deceptively difficult part is choosing the right provider for the job.

When it comes to something as important as your business logo or branding, you want to be sure that you choose a designer whose style matches well with your vision. This can be very difficult to do upfront, as you can’t often see in advance what your chosen designer will come up with for your business. Thankfully, Silvercode can recommend tried-and-tested solutions for both.

Our Logo Design solution of Choice

We’ve had many clients come to us in need of a logo, and every time, we recommend 99designs’ logo competitions. The beauty of this option is that you are not locked into the style of a single designer. Instead, multiple designers come up with concepts in an attempt to win your competition and earn the payment prize. Depending on which package you receive, you can potentially receive hundreds of high quality options to choose from and refine.

We receive no commissions for any referrals we direct to 99designs. Click the button below to visit their website and find out more.

Our Branding solution of choice

Branding can be broken into two main components:

  • Brand identity: what your brand looks like including your logo, fonts, colour palette, image assets, and much more.
  • Brand strategy: your values, vision, mission, target audience, positioning, brand personality, tone of voice, and more.

Whether you need assistance with just one or both aspects of branding, in combination with your budget, will determine which providers we recommend for your consideration.

If you’re interested in discussing your requirements and finding out more, please get in touch with us anytime. We receive no commissions for any referrals we direct to any of our preferred branding providers.

Why trust Silvercode for your Logo Design/Branding?

Ultra-fast response times.

We monitor inbound requests very closely and aim to respond within 24 hours. Urgent matters always receive a priority response at our very next availability, even if it is outside of our regular support hours.

Trusted & friendly local team.

We are a team of passionate developers based entirely in Australia. We follow strict security and privacy practices to protect your valuable online assets at all times, and always treat your website as if it were our own.

Top-Tier Developers

Decades of combined development and hosting experience allows us to efficiently provide secure, long-lasting and lightning-quick websites. No shortcuts or bandaids here, only premium quality, effective results.

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